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Waiting for her father to come home from his daily fishing trips, whilst walking the dogs along the quayside, the Fishermans Daughter looked forward eagerly to see the day’s catch and to help mother cook it up for dinner.  The dogs always knew when the fishing basket was landed, and used to run back to the cottage to wait for the scraps.  Fish heads were their favourite!

Nowadays people rarely cook food from scratch, so if we must feed prepared dogfood – at least make sure it’s good quality and as close to human food as possible.  Dogs love fish and it’s so good for their coat and general health.

Salmon is very gentle on the digestion and ideal for dogs with delicate tummies.  Potato is a much better form of carbohydrate than wheat (which can cause allergies in some dogs).

Says the Fishermans Daughter “I believe in simple, natural foods to maintain the health of my family and my dogs.  I eat fish more than three times a week for it’s Omega 3 content – and my dogs eat it every day!  All of us have healthy skin, glossy hair, supple joints and strong bones.

Feeding fresh fish to our dogs every day isn’t always easy or convenient – so I devised the simplest and best quality prepared dogfood possible.  No gimmicks, no fruit, herbs, chemicals, unpronounceable ingredients, or ‘fillers’ made from low grade carbohydrate such as pea starch.  Whilst dogs can digest carbohydrates – I only ever use potato – which is gluten free.  I don’t eat wheat myself (it gives me migraine) and I don’t feed it my family or my dogs.  I find that potato is much easier for dogs to digest than grain.

The Omega 3 in fish helps the immune system to be strong enough to ward off allergies.  My friends all saw a big difference in the health of their dogs as soon as they started feeding my Salmon & Potato Recipe.  Dogs which previously had itchy skin conditions, ‘hot spots’, red raw paws through chewing to relieve itchiness.

Visit ‘my recipes’ page to see more family fish recipes which are healthy and easy to produce – and some lovely ideas for brightening up your dog’s meal every day as well.