Benefits For Dogs

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TEETH – all my fish skin treats are baked in the oven to give a crispy texture which is ideal for exfoliating the dogs teeth as he is chewing it.  This is a natural ‘toothbrush treat’ for dogs which really works.  See the difference in your dogs teeth (no yellow tartar and no more visits to the vet for teeth cleaning including anaesthetics!).  One of these fish skin treats every evening before bedtime will ensure no food is left in the gums overnight, which is the main cause of tooth decay.

SKIN – fish is an ideal product to help the health of skin generally.   The omega 3 in fish helps the immune system to fight off allergies and infections.  Feed my salmon and potato complete food to see the difference in your dog.

HAIR – I eat fish nearly every day – and I also take SALMON OIL.  My hair is thick, healthy and shiny so I know the benefits of the Omega 3 in fish for my own health.  The dog’s coats will be so glossy and silky you won’t believe the difference.  Feed a few teaspoons of salmon oil to your dog with his dinner every day – and see the difference in his appearance!  Neighbours will comment, believe me!

BONES – as we age our bones lose calcium and become less dense.  Osteoporosis is a real problem in the developed world.  We are healthier in other ways which means we live longer, and subsequently suffer all the diseases of old age which our parents did not.  Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Dementia etc are all very real to those of us in our ‘senior’ years J.  But remember that we look after our dogs a whole lot better now too – so they are living longer, and are suffering with the same problems.  I take Padina Pavonica tablets every day to counteract and prevent ‘age-related bone thinning’, osteoporosis and other diseases.

JOINTS – as we age, so do our joints – they become stiff and we can’t move as easily as we used to.  Dogs are just the same.  Joints need lubrication, and smooth bone surfaces so that they can move easily.  Tendons, Cartilage and Ligaments are all improved by taking Padina Pavonica.  Evidence of this can be seen in the poultry industry where Padina Pavonica is used by Agricultural Vets in many instances, to strengthen the skeleton, and prevent ‘tendon slip’.

HEART – coming soon

CIRCULATION – coming soon

EPILEPSY IN DOGS – coming soon

HIP DYSPLASIA IN DOGS   – coming soon


ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS – These are not called ‘essential’ for nothing!  Our bodies need Omega 3, 6 and 9 in the correct proportions, to be able to function healthily.  Make sure you eat at least three portions of oily fish such as salmon every week – (and make sure you dog does too!)

EHA/DHA – coming soon

THE OMEGA 3/6/9 BALANCE – coming soon

ZINC – coming soon