Padina Pavonica

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HOW WAS IT DISCOVERED? Charles Saliba (a Cell Biologist) was indulging in his favourite hobby, diving in the sea around his home in Malta, when he saw a brown algae growing on rocks on the seabed – the unusual part of this is that the algae was flowering – and as he examined these beautiful flowers he discovered they were made of calcium. So he started to research how this could happen – and discussed with his Pharmacologist friend, Gilles Gutierrez. Between them they saw the opportunity of utilising the properties of this amazing algae flower to improve bone density in humans – and many, many other uses. The Institute of Cellular Pharmacology was formed, based in Malta, and Gilles was awarded the Louis Pasteur Medal. Visit for more information about the Research Institute, and other products they produce – in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and human health world.


WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO HUMANS? The Padina Pavonica extract is made into tablets – sold under the name of ‘Dictyolone’ for humans. The extract rebuilds collagen, and so is beneficial for skin, hair, joints, bones, eyes, organs, – in fact all the human body. See later in this article (Technical Data) for more details.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO DOGS? Actually – the same as the benefits for humans (see above). Padina Pavonica is included as an ingredient in the Fisherman’s Daughter complete dog food, Scottish Salmon Oil, and the Salmon Cookies (fish treats). Although it is beneficial for all ages and sizes of dog – it is particularly good for the young, and the elderly. Young puppies need strong bones to grow into healthy adults. This PP extract does not make the bones grow larger , it makes them grow STRONGER and more dense. Therefore protecting against injury, breakages and joint deterioration and ill health in adulthood. For the elderly dogs – well they are getting all the same old age diseases which we have as humans (arthritis, memory loss, heart, circulation, stiff joints, poor eyesight and hearing) I won’t list any more otherwise I will depress everyone 🙂 The natural collagen rebuilding properties of PP extract guard against these effects.

WHICH PRODUCTS IS IT USED IN NOW? Until now it has been used in Veterinary Agriculture (poultry – both for strength in the chicken skeleton, and also in egg shells where it reduces breakages by about 10%), Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, and now in the Pet FoodIndustry! This is the only product which contains Padina Pavonica – we have the world rights to companion animal feed and treats, for both the Vet and Pet markets.

WHERE CAN I BUY THE TABLETS FOR HUMANS? -from me – in the UK – please email and I can arrange for mail order delivery to your door. I will put the tablets on my next e-commerce website, so will be able to sell them directly shortly!