lucy with fish skins (1)

This is Lucy – my 17-year old Shih-Tzu – sadly left us now, but she had a lovely life, I rescued her when she was 6 years old – and gave her a lovely retirement home where mummy and daddy make petfood!


My dogs love it and the groomer says their coats have never been so good. My older dog has terrible arthritis and was confined to just pottering but now he plays with the younger one and is enjoying walks again. I don’t know if it’s all down to the salmon oil as his pain medication has been changed, he still gets acupuncture and the new pup keeps him on his toes, but I am sure it has made a difference. Not going to risk withdrawing it, that’s for sure. If I forget to put it in his bowl after his meal, he stands and stares at me till I get the message! Thank you for a great product.


My 8 year old Staffie Sasha was starting to finally show signs of her age though she always looks young, going up our staircase at night, jumping onto our bed or the couch became a complete impossibility for her and if we ever put her on the bed, sometimes she would jump off and then whelp which distressed me to hear so much that I would not want to pick her up onto the bed anymore.
Also after a night’s sleep where weight had been on one side of her body, she would show visible signs of stiffness and poor movement.
After walks of half an hour or more, she was coming home and sleeping and then on waking up, would move very stiffly, sometimes limping for a while.

After around 4 weeks on PP Salmon Oil, the difference is amazing and I do not say that lightly.
She is back to her old “puppy” like self. Bounding up and down stairs, jumping on the couch when asked to with no hesitation, even on and off the bed with no whelp of pain nor any sign of hindered movement.
She runs faster than my 9 month old Staffie male puppy and when out on a walk off the lead has boundless energy with free movement and no stiffness at all even after a long walk of an hour.
I cannot speak highly enough of the effects of this product and if anyone told me that my Sasha would be back to how she is now just by adding a couple of squirts of this oil to her 2 feeds per day, before seeing it for myself, I would never have believed it, but in my experience, it definitely works fantastically, I cannot recommend it highly enough.


After one month using Salmon Oil with PP, I am really happy. I found that my osteoarthritic fox terrier seems to be better… there are no more ‘stiff’ days when I saw she was not in top condition. She is not lagging during her walks any more. I will give Salmon Oil with PP to my other dog too!


About Salmon Oil with Padina Pavonica – I have had great results which had effects similar to veterinary supplements.  I live in France, and buy it from the UK.

I have two GSDs both of whom have allergies causing itchy skin. My nine year old bitch starts to scratch and lick in very early Spring, around February. This has nothing to do with fleas. This year the allergy has been especially bad, and I had an idea that Salmon oil would help, so I found this site which I thought had the best oil, and bought two canisters. Unfortunately the oil has not touched the allergy, and I have had to resort the visiting the vet, and she is now on anti histamines since yesterday. We had a course of antibiotics in March which stopped the allergy temporarily for about three weeks. However on the plus side my dogs coats are wonderful. I always thought they looked a bit “tatty” but now they are both smooth and sleek and lovely to stroke. I have just finished the first canister but noticed the difference about half way through. If the oils has done that to the outside, what good things has it done to the inside? I shall make sure to give the dogs the oil for as long as I can afford it.


Have only been using this for a week and have already seen a real benefit on our vizslas coat. Much silkier and smother. Easy to apply to food and she obviously likes the taste as wolfs it down!! Great value as only need to use a small about daily. I am converted and will be a regular buyer of this product (and the dried fish skins!!)

MURPHY THE WESTIE with allergies and skin problems

I have the most beautiful and intelligent Westie, Murphy. At six months old, he started with the ‘infamous’ Westie Skin Condition. It was so upsetting. I went straight for the extensive blood tests rather than slowly eliminating causes.
Murphy is allergic to all types of meat you could list. He is also allergic to Wheat, rye, rice and interestingly Murphy is allergic to BLUE Fish but he is not allergic to WHITE FISH.
He is on prescription Hypo-Allergenic Food.
I researched and searched for the best, the finest and appropriate treats for Murphy. I came across Jill’s website.
Murphy loves the Cod Fish Fingers, really loves them. I give him the salmon sausages as an occasional treat – he can’t get enough of them!
Through my research, I have learnt that dogs need a fine balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6, which is where the Salmon Oil comes in. To have natural Scottish Salmon Oil is so important to Murphy and it is so high in Omega 3.
His coat is out of this world. He has five walkies a day and is out for two hours plus a day. When he comes home, is he tired? No, he wants to play ball. He runs and runs! I have the most beautiful little lad.
Fisherman’s Daughter has contributed much to the health of Murphy. I recommend the products and Jill is always on hand to answer emails when I have an enquiry.
Thanks to all – Murphy sends his love!
Murphy suggests that he should be a model on your website!!! He says he is good looking enough!!!