Understanding the benefits of our treats


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  1. alberta cassar says:

    I would like to know if i can feed my12 week pup the dried food and treats . Thnks allthe way from malta

    • Fishermans Daughter says:

      Hi Alberta – yes you can start to feed your pup on the small kibble size of our dogfood. Wet it with a little warm water if your pup is used to wet food at the moment? Regarding the treats – it may be a little early (depending on the size of your breed) – I would recommend you start with the Salmon Cookies, which are just fish and potato – so your pup will be getting plenty of Omega 3. The Fish Skin Treats are brilliant for removing tartar from your dog’s teeth – or in your case, preventing build up of tartar. Just give him one or two fish skins at bed time – this way you can train him when bed time is – and also he will not be sleeping with food in his teeth – its just like us brushing our teeth at night. Hope this helps! Jill Angell

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