We won ‘best exhibition stand’ at the National Vet Show!

vet show 013Exhibted at the London Vet Show for the first time this weekend. Met loads of vets and veterinary nurses – all very interested in my new product range – and also the inclusion of Padina Pavonica, the calcium and collagen synthesizer. Most vets interested because of speed of animal recovery after operations or broken bones or similar traumas. Most vet nurses interested because either they, or their friends, all have elderly dogs now – suffering with stiff joints or arthritis (just like us!) and the salmon oil with Padina Pavonica ticks all the boxes.



    Hi Everybody. I put my Dalmatian William on Salmon Oil a year ago. His joints and mobility improved in weeks. Turned a 7 year old into a 3 year old puppy .
    The best thing I ever bought for him …Thank you all
    14 march 2016

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